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Staff Training and Technical Assistance

Staff training and technical assistance are key components of the complete Real Stories program.  Training sessions are available in half-day, full-day, and two-day sessions.

The standard training package for the Real Stories program includes:

Intro to Real Stories
, a full day training session to introduce staff to the Real Stories model and materials.  This session also introduces helpful facilitation strategies and methods for creating a safe space for youth participants.

Follow-up Training, a full day training session to help staff reflect on successes and challenges, explore strategies for facilitating discussions on sensitive topics, and introduce ways to modify and extend curricular activities.

Ongoing Technical Assistance. During a TA session, a coach will visit your site and consult with staff who are implementing Real Stories.  TA sessions are tailored to meet the needs of your organization and can be used in the following ways:

Start-up Assistance. We can help you get the program up and running.  Our experienced coaches will work with you to address any logistical challenges you’re having in starting up your Real Stories program.

Observation and Coaching. Coaches can observe Real Stories sessions and provide staff with feedback and suggestions.  Coaches are also available to (co-)facilitate sessions to help model effective strategies for implementation and facilitation.

Troubleshooting. Coaches can meet with staff to discuss obstacles that arise, and work collaboratively with your organization to troubleshoot and create a plan for addressing challenges.

Extension Activities. Coaches can help staff take Real Stories to the next level by incorporating customized extension activities, including service learning, media production, and arts projects.

Additional training workshops are also available, including:

Group Management
Facilitating Open and Honest Discussions with Young People
Introducing Service Learning
Helping Youth Write Their Own ‘Real Stories’
Developing Extension Activities

(Note: We offer an array of training options and will work with you to create a customized package to best meet the needs of your organization).

Costs vary depending on the training package you choose and the size of your program. We will work with you to create a budget that meets your needs.

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