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The Real Jobs Program
Give Teens the Skills They Need to Succeed in the Workplace

The Real Jobs Program includes an anthology of true stories by teens, a detailed Leader’s Guide—and a student workbook.

Professional development is available to give your staff the skills and confidence they need to implement the program at the highest level. For more information, contact Erica Wong at 212-279-0708 x108.

From an evaluation of 1,600 teens who used Real Jobs in a summer jobs program:

  • 80% said that "As a result of Real Jobs, I now know how I should (and should not) act on a job."
  • Real Jobs also succeeded in stimulating voluntary reading: 77% did reading beyond that which was required.
  • The Real Jobs program also promoted greater educational aspirations amongst the respondents.

Read a review of Real Jobs from Youth Today [pdf].

The Real Jobs Anthology

Real Jobs Real Stories - Anthology

33 true stories by teens about finding a job, dealing with supervisors and co-workers, preparing for college, setting goals, and more.

And more stories to grab the attention of teens. [See the table of contents]

The Leader’s Guide to Real Jobs
Real Jobs Real Stories - Leader's Guide
The Leader’s Guide includes experiantal activities that help teens identify and strengthen the skills they need to succeed in the workplace. Each session focuses on a theme and includes:
1. An opening activity to introduce the theme;
2. Reading a true story by a teen with facilitated discussion;
3. Several experiential learning activities that helps participants connect the themes in the story to their own lives;
4. A closing reflection

Plus bonus material on running groups, icebreakers, building trust, dealing with sensitive issues, and reading more.
[See a sample lesson] [See the table of contents]

The Real Jobs Portfolio
Real Jobs Real Stories - Portfolio
A set of materials for use in the Real Jobs workshops, as well as supplemental information for participants’ reference.

The Complete Real Jobs Program
Real Jobs-Kit
The Real Jobs Kit includes — 20 copies of Real Jobs, Real Teens (for participant): an anthology of 33 true teen-written stories about work experiences, 1 copy of The Real Jobs Leader’s Guide: a comprehensive set of workshop activities and supporting materials to help facilitators effectively run the program with youth, 20 copies of the Real Jobs Portfolio (for participant): a set of materials for use in the Real Jobs workshops, as well as supplemental information for participants’ reference.

Youth Communication can provide staff training and follow up technical assistance in half-day, full-day, and two-day sessions.

We can help your staff rehearse the format and activities of the Real Stories program so they feel completely comfortable with the style, and pacing of typical sessions.
Staff training workshops cover many other topics as well, including facilitating successful group activities, discussing sensitive topics, and incorporating youth development activities like service learning, media production and the arts.
Coaching and technical assistance provide programs with ongoing support in effectively implementing Real Stories, including extending the activities into service learning, media production, and arts projects.

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